We pay you on time ALWAYS! Welcome to your world of profits!

We pay you a generous flat rate for every sale you make and this makes our payouts among the very best in the industry!

CrocMint makes payments to affiliates every week. Payment are made every Wednesday, provided you have reached the minimum payout amount for your preferred mode of payment.

The minimum payment amount that will be paid is $150. The payments will be made by either of the following: Wire, Payoneer and PayPal:

Wire : A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of money between two bank accounts. No actual cash is transferred but electronic balances in both accounts are adjusted accordingly. Payment is immediate and convenient. Payments via Wire are restricted to amounts that are above $1000.
PayPal : A trusted electronic account that enables the affiliate to send and receive money in a secure manner. Payments via PayPal are restricted for amounts that are less than $100.
Web Money : It is a multifunctional payment tool that provides secure and immediate transactions online.Payments can be made to Web Money account as soon as commission earnings are $100 or above on payout day.
Paxum : Helps affiliates to instantly and securely receive and send money, deposit and transfer money from their Bank account to their Paxum Prepaid Card. Payments can be made to the Paxum account as soon as Commission earnings cross $100.




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