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In this advanced era of the web, affiliate marketing is gaining a prominent foothold in the lives of netizens across the world. We appreciate the interest shown by you in CrocMint. If you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing or the products offered, then please do let us know. Our affiliates support are at your service and to ensure that your doubts are cleared in a professional manner.

If you like our website and the services we offer, then do tell everyone. However, if you don't, please tell us. We look forward to your feedback and compliments!

Our customer agents are the best in the industry and can be contacted through any of the following mediums:

Affiliate Support : affsupport@crocmint.com
Sales / Partnership : sales@crocmint.com
Bulgarian Support : cmsupport2@crocmint.com

CrocMint is committed to Ethical Online Marketing

At CrocMint we strongly believe in the principles of ethical online marketing and strictly discourage all illegitimate means of generating traffic by any of our affiliates and partners.

In case you have been diverted to any of our product sites by SPAM, phissing, or through any illegitimate sites, please report it to our Fraud Control & Sales team immediately emailing us on reportabuse@crocmint.com

Your help in upholding CrocMint's commitment towards ethical online marketing values are greatly appreciated.

CrocMint Team.



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